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Here you can try out Milestone Trend Analysis immediately. No registration is required. The demo project Build a Carport shows how to apply the method in a small project with a period of four weeks. Own projects with dates and milestones can be created, too.

Functions to save and print projects are deactivated. Login as Guest is mainly intended to get to know the intuitively usable diagram editor.

Free Trial Licence

You get a licence and receive a personal password by e-mail. This licence is valid for two weeks.
All functions for projects are activated here: Save, Delete, Rename and Adding of Notes. Only printing of diagrams as PDF document (Format DIN A4 ... DIN A0, portrait or landscape) is not yet activated.

The trial licence automatically expires after two weeks. You will only receive an e-mail as reminder for a prolongation. Your projects can be deleted by yourself, otherwise all your projects, your licence, your password, and your e-mail address will be deleted completely when the trial licence has expired.

Subscription for One Year

To continue the work with Milestone Trend Analysis afterwards and to keep your projects saved, a subscription for one year is available. The Print as PDF... function is enabled in the subscription.

The yearly subscription allows to manage up to 12 independent projects at a price of 25 EUR (incl. VAT).

The subscription is initiated only by wire transfer of the amount and starts with the entry of your payment.

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